Why would you want to spend $1000 or more for simple calculations?  At only $399, calculating square footage, lengths, areas, and volumes has never been more elegantly simple or affordable as with Takeoff Live.  Contractors, Architects, and Building Supply Companies are now able to deliver accurate estimates and bids in record time. Construction estimating can now be done using TIF,, GIF, BMP, PNG or even a photo of your plan from your digital camera directly on your computer screen. Your takeoff can be exported to Excel with the click of a button.

Sometimes, something as simple as a square foot area can be quite difficult to figure. That is, until now.  Takeoff Live can do the calculation for you. Have you ever tried to calculate how many square feet of carpet you will need for a strangely shaped room? Or tried to estimate how much concrete you would need for a curved walk? How about figuring how much material for that measurement?  Now it's simple with Takeoff Live. Takeoff Live makes it easy to get the square footage, lineal, or volume numbers that you need to get the job done...pronto.  Take the 5 minute guided tour and see for yourself!

Square footage calculations can be done using digital plans in various file formats.  You can even take a picture, measure one section that you can scale from, and get rough square footage numbers. With Takeoff Live, it's a snap to calculate areas of triangles, circles, squares, and any other shapes.

Try our free 15 day trial today and see how Takeoff Live can help simplify your estimates and take offs and give you more time to do more productive, less tedious work.

Regardless of what your industry, Takeoff Live can help you: concrete, framing, drywall, flooring, decking, electrical, painting, plumbing, mechanical, asphalt paving, lumber, carpet, masonry, roofing, tile, piping, brick, fencing, stucco or any other construction or contractor trade, let Takeoff Live help you do it the easy way.

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