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Accumulation Mode - Use this function to add areas or lines together or subtract sections from a measurement
Activate Takeoff Live - After purchasing Takeoff Live, when you receive your activation email, you will follow these instructions to activate the product.
  Add a Symbol For Counting - You can build your own symbols and put them in a list for later use.
Adjust the Takeoff Quantity  - Need to add 10% to your takeoff quantity?  Use this feature.  You can also divide, subtract, and multiply.
Annotate your plan   This feature allows you to make notes on your marked up plan.
Apply Slope to an Area - If you do residential roofs then this feature will allow you to takeoff the footprint of the roof and apply the rise and run of the roof giving you the true square area.
Audit Spreadsheet - The spreadsheet keeps a tally of all attributes of all measurements. It also allows you to put in per unit prices for Labor, Material, Subcontractor, Equipment, and Other.
Auto Leveling - If your plan is skewed use this easy tool to make corrections to the horizontal.
Automatic Backup - If anything goes wrong with your computer, the backup manager stores a copy automatically for you.  You can set the number of minutes to elapse between backups.
Automatically Pan - What do you do when part of a measurement falls outside of the screen area?  This feature scrolls the screen for you.
Change the Crosshair Color - If you decide to use the crosshair instead of the normal cursor, this allows you to set the color.
Color Code Lines and Areas - Color coding is useful for visually separating groups of like objects.
Count Objects (Stamps and Symbols) - Use this for counting anything.  Make your own symbols or use one of the predefined ones.
Create Multiple Sheets within a TKL File - You can have as many sheets in a job file as you need.  Each sheet corresponds to one page of a plan print.
  Create or Edit a Symbol - Make up and modify your own symbols to be used for counting objects.
  Crosshair Mode - Change the cursor from an arrow to a crosshair.
Delete a Measurement - To get rid of a measurement, select it and use the delete feature.
  Delete a Stamp-Symbol from the List - Delete any of the symbols you created.
Delete Drawing Objects - Once created, any measurement object can be deleted.
Delete Graphic Sheets - Use this to delete entire sheets from your job file.
Export to Excel - Once you've made all the measurements you need, export your work to Microsoft Excel.
Filter the Audit Spreadsheet - This allows you to only see the data that you are interested in, and to hide the data that you don't want to see.
Full Screen Mode - If you need more space to display your graphic, simply change to a full screen view.
  Insert a Point - If you miss a point while measuring, you can go back and insert it.
Layers On and Off - Toggle the display of any or all of your individual measurements.
  Magnify the Cursor - Sometimes you may need to get very tight on a point while measuring.  Use the magnify feature to get a close up of just the area around the cursor. 
Measure along an Arc - Arc measurements are used to get tight measurements of a perfect arced area or line.
Measure Areas - Measure any area using points along a line or trace freehand.
Measure Lines - Measure any line using points along a line or trace freehand.
Mouse Scroll Wheel - To zoom in or out, simply roll the wheel of your mouse.
Navigate a Plan Graphic - There are numerous ways to get around your plan.  Watch this video to see them all.
On Screen Calculator - You can pop open the calculator at any time.
Print Marked Up Graphic - Once you've done all your markup, print it out to share with others.
Print Spreadsheet - Print out the entire audit spreadsheet.
Rename Graphic Sheets - Change the name of a graphic sheet.
Resize Areas and Lines - Resize any areas or line measurements you have made.
Resize Left Panes - Resize the left panes by dragging on the right an bottom lines of the windows in the left display pane.
Resize Spreadsheet Columns
Save, Move, or Coyp Files in Version 4 - Version 4 saves files to a folder named xxxxxxxxx.tkl.files, where xxxxxxxxxxx is the name that you determine. 
Set the Plan Scale - Before any measurements can be done, you must set the scale.
Sort the Symbol Table - Sort your symbols table by name, description, or quantity.
Stretch a Graphic - Resize a measurement by dragging one of its points.
Sum Multiple Areas or Lines - This lets you add or subtract areas or lines from an accumulator.
Toggle Graphic Objects On and Off - Sometimes referred to as "layers"  this lets you toggle on or off graphic objects.
Tooltip Mode - With this feature, you can hover over a measurement and get a small attributes box that contains all the info about a measurement.
Trace Mode - To trace along a line, simply click and hold your mouse button during measurement.
Undo Measurement Points - Undo points as you measure.