Takeoff Live - Keeping your on screen construction estimating takeoff in-lne and on center. Ideal for architects, contractors and subcontractors,Takeoff Live is the paperless way to make your job fast, simple and hassle free, whether you’re generating take offs – or even taking your plans on site.  Figuring how much of any material is needed can now be done faster than ever. No matter what your trade: concrete, framing, drywall, flooring, decking, electrical, painting, plumbing, mechanical, asphalt paving, lumber, carpet, masonry, roofing, tile, piping, brick, fencing, stucco or any other construction or contractor trade.

Q. What is Takeoff Live PDF?

A. Takeoff Live PDF is a software program to do quantity surveys by using your computer screen rather than printed plans.  This method of takeoff is rapidly becoming the standard in lieu of measurement from printed plans.  Digitizers are pricey and take up space.  Takeoff Live PDF is far faster than printed plans and a digitizer.  Everything is done on your computer screen by clicking with your mouse. Its fast, its easy, and its less expensive than a digitizer!  Paper drawings can be scanned, or as is more common, a digital photograph can be taken with an inexpensive camera and Takeoff Live PDF will accept the file right from your camera.

Q. Why should I use Takeoff Live PDF?

A. The reasons that most clients purchase Takeoff Live PDF are speed, reduced costs, and convenience.  Interestingly, digital takeoff is becoming recognized as "green" - ecologically friendly because of the enormous amount of energy and natural resources saved.

Q. What type of file formats does Takeoff Live PDF support?

A. Takeoff Live PDF supports PDF and TIF, the most common format in use, as well as JPG, GiF, PNG, and BMP, formats that are more commonly products of digital cameras.

Q. What do I need to take digital pictures of plans?

A. Digital Camera's are very inexpensive compared to a Digitizer and you can use any digital camera. However, the larger the mega pixel number the camera can handle, the better because the picture clarity is then higher as well. The best resolution for importing into Digital Takeoff is 8 mega pixel or higher. Typically a 3 mega pixel cameral will create a resolution of 2048 X 1536, a 5 mega pixel will create a resolution of 2560 X 1920 and an 8 mega pixel will create a resolution of 3264 X 2448. The lower resolutions will work with Digital Takeoff, but the higher the resolution the better for software to operate with because the picture maintains more clarity.

Q. Can I use Takeoff Live PDF with other programs?

A. Yes. Digital Takeoff can export the measured quantities, prices, and extended amounts to Microsoft Excel.

Q. Will Digital Takeoff work with a scanner?
A. Yes. Many clients have their blue print company scan in blue prints and email these files to the contractors computer back in the office. Of course, if you have a scanner you can use that as well.
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